David Beckham goes off on a fan

The title is a little misleading. It implies David Beckham punched a fan or something but really he just confronted him after he started yelling “stop with prostitutes” at him.

In case you haven’t heard, last week Beckham was accused of paying big money for threesomes with a couple of prostitutes. One ex-call girl publicly came forward and the other hooker remained anonymous but confirmed the story. Beckham sued In Touch over the story because they didn’t have proof apart from the word of a couple of hookers.

Anyway, after a LA Galaxy game on Friday, a guy yelled “stop with the prostitutes” at David. David didn’t like that too much so he turned around, went up to the fan and told him to say it to his face. Of course the guy didn’t because he’s a big pussy. In fact, I think the guy turned into a swooning 14-year-old girl when a shirtless David Beckham walked toward him. He kept on insisting he didn’t say anything. He was probably trying to hide his erection.

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13 years ago

Props to Beckham for going up to that guy. Most of the time, these people shut up when confronted. MOST of the time…