Lindsay Lohan wants to be in rehab instead of jail

Lindsay Lohan will attempt to plead with Judge Elden Fox to keep her in cushy rehab instead of sending her to jail. Of course, it doesn’t matter either way because neither are a deterrent for Lindsay anymore.

“Lindsay is required to be at the hearing. She will be there. She will be escorted by at least one person from the rehab facility to make sure she doesn’t stray. It’s likely that a member of Lindsay’s treatment team will also be called to testify. At that point, if Lindsay is making improvements, Lindsay’s team would ask Judge Fox to not put her in jail at all, or defer her sentence until she is finished with her in-patient treatment,” the source added.

“The fact is jail doesn’t scare Lindsay. Before she did her time earlier this summer, she was petrified. Having spent time behind bars, it doesn’t have that effect on her. Jail isn’t a deterrent for her, period,” the insider said.

You mean jail doesn’t serve its intended purpose when you get your own room and receive special treatment? Gee, I’m shocked. Next you’re going to tell me rehab doesn’t work when you get to go to the spa every day you’re there and get in and out privileges like it was a hotel.

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12 years ago

Of course she does. I do not think that she should have that option. It isn’t like she is a first time offender. She should do some jail time, because she was given more then enough chances to prove herself, and failed each time. Nobody should be above the law.

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