Lindsay Lohan was out all night in NYC

Lindsay Lohan is on probation and is supposed to stay in LA until it ends in November but whatever. Rules are for suckers and normals. Lindsay is a fabulous celebrity. They report to a higher power: Hollywood.

No cheers here: The day after Lindsay Lohan taped her pro-sobriety VMA guest spot with Chelsea Handler, the fresh-out-of-rehab star, 24, was back to her old habits, a source tells Us Weekly.

“It’s the same old cycle of lying and denials,” an insider says of the Machete star, who was spotted at NYC club Boom Boom Room until the wee hours of the night of September 11, just 18 days after she was released from her court-ordered postjail treatment at UCLA’s Neurophysciatric hospital.

“She’s telling everyone she didn’t go out,” says the insider. “We’re like, ‘Lindsay, people saw you there!'”

A witness at the hot spot notes, “It looked like she didn’t want to be noticed.”

That wasn’t Lindsay Lohan. That was her twin sister Linda Lohan. Yes, Linda Lohan is always getting Lindsay in trouble. “I’ll get you for this, Linda!,” Lindsay will scream in court as she tries to convince the judge she has a evil twin sister.

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12 years ago

She’s stupid. She’ll be a VOP. She’ll go back to jail, escape and live in Mexico until she dies of dysentery. Hope I can find her before she gets cold.

12 years ago

I say give her all the booze she can drink. Give her all the drugs she can shove down her throat. Give her all the drugs she can put up her nose and we all can get on with our lives. She is as much a “star” as Carrot Top, Spencer or Heidi. Just a face with a messed up life who makes the rest of feel good about our lives.

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