The Cavallaris are menaces

Kristin Cavallari’s mother was arrested for a DUI in Chicago last month during a 2 AM Subway run. Kristin’s mom, Judith Spies, was pulled over and field sobriety tested while Kristin sat in the passenger seat demanding the cops get her water.

Police in Barrington, Illinois confirm Kristin’s mom — Judith Spies (that’s her mug shot above) — was pulled over at a DUI checkpoint at 2:15 AM late last month. Law enforcement sources tell us Kristin was riding shotgun at the time, and apparently she was a pretty hungry passenger.

We’re told Kristin insisted on fleeing to a nearby Subway and yelled at cops to get her water while Mom went through field sobriety testing with officers. As one source put it, “Subway might be open in ‘The Hills’ but not here in Barrington at 2 AM.”

In Kristin’s defense, the police motto is “to protect and serve.” So where’s the god damn service? Kristin is so going to give the Barrington PD a one star review on Yelp for this.

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