Lindsay Lohan blames her dad

Like any screwed up kid who never takes responsibility for anything they do, Lindsay Lohan blames all her problems on her dad. Lindsay is telling counselors at the Betty Ford clinic that growing up in a dysfunctional family made her what she is today, a screw-up cokehead.

Lindsay repeatedly talks about allegations Dina made in her divorce papers … that Michael abused her. Lindsay says she witnessed it firsthand, and it’s still tough to deal with. In particular, Lindsay claims she had to step in and protect her mother from Michael. Michael has denied allegations of physical abuse.

Our sources say Lindsay talks a lot about growing up with a dad who was periodically behind bars. Add to that — she moved out to L.A. at a very young age, with almost no parental supervision.

Hell would have frozen over if Lindsay ever took responsibility for her own actions. Thank god she doesn’t have a dog because she’d be blaming everything on it. She’d probably rub coke all over the its face and stuff a rolled up dollar bill in its nose and claim that the 8-ball cops found was her dog’s.

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12 years ago

I think your comments are harsh. So if a child is abused, it’s their fault, right? Lindsay’s behavior does exhibit abuse by her parents. If they cared, they would not have put her in showbiz. She grew up to fast without any supervision. Yes, she needs to own up on her behavior but she needs guidance from people other than her parents. Good role models.

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