Tila Tequila is surrounded by all sorts of crazy

Court documents obtained by TMZ allege Tila Tequila kidnapped an L.A. photographer, named Garry Sun’s, girlfriend with 4 armed men at gunpoint and threatened to kill him.

Garry alleges Tila went to his girlfriend’s house in Texas, kidnapped her and got her on a plane to LA. Tila told Shyla that if she called the cops, Garry would die. Garry has taken a restraining order out on Tila.

Tila’s lawyer says Sun is filing the lawsuit because he was fired from Tila’s website. “[Sun] will undoubtedly be held accountable by appropriate authorities for making these false allegations.”

Being fired from Tila’s website should be a blessing. Who wants to work on that crap? I’d rather get paid injecting myself with Kim Kardashian’s ass fat. And if Tila kidnapped my girlfriend at gunpoint, well, then I’m glad that’s the only karmic retribution I’ll get from being affiliated with Tila Tequila. She was pregnant anyway. Saves me the hassle of moving and changing my name.

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12 years ago

This wouldn’t be the first time she ate a shoe, but usually it’s out of a dumpster.

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