Kim Kardashian will be dead for a while

Kim Kardashian’s Twitter went dark on December 1 along with a host of other celebs in support of World AIDS Day. They vowed to not to return until $1 million was donated to the Keep a Child Alive foundation.

“I’ve decided to sacrifice my digital life to help give real life to millions of people affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa and India,” Kim says in her video. “It’s true, I’m a little obsessed with Twitter, but I’m even more obsessed with fighting AIDS.”

As of Thursday, just over $160,000 has been raised. A slow start but if that amount holds steady, they should hit their mark in a week. But that’s not counting the drop-off from the initial PR push and that people with money have already donated so in reality it might take a lot longer. Praise jesus.

To recap, Kim took a break from posting $10,000 sponsored tweets to get people to donate money to an AIDS organization. How selfless!

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11 years ago

Her smell won’t change any…like dead pussy.

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