Lindsay May Sue Betty Ford

One way to get out of facing a possible six months in jail sentence is to sue Betty Ford for violating patient confidentiality. Lindsay’s father, Michael, who’s prone to exaggeration and always looking to make a quick buck said,

“Lindsay could sue the Betty Ford Center for millions of dollars. For this woman to speak publicly and break a patient’s confidentiality is unheard of in the rehab and medical field. This is a big, big issue and it’s an open-and-shut case: one of their people spoke out and that’s that. Bottom line, you can’t do that. She is personally liable for this gross invasion of privacy, as is the Betty Ford Center.”

Oh, snap. Did Betty Ford just get lawyered by Michael Lohan? That’s like being bitch slapped by the retarded kid in class. Betty Ford will never live this down. They might as well change their name to “We Got Served.”

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13 years ago

Well, yeah…how else is going to pay the rent?