Sam Jones III Faces 20 Years in Jail

The only things I know about Sam Jones III is he played Clark Kent’s friend Pete Ross on Smallville and he released a sex tape with his girlfriend Karissa Shannon. Turns out he’s a lot more interesting than I give him credit for because he was the “Hollywood Connection” in a conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of oxycodone.

Arrested in 2009, Sam was in LA Federal court on Thursday where he plead guilty to conspiring to sell the oxycodone. He now faces up to 20 years in jail. Sentencing will be in June.

Apparently being an actor on a long running series and releasing a video of you banging a Playboy twin isn’t enough to pay the bills. That’s why instead of selling drugs, I moonlight as an international model. You can see me in publications such as “Pet Grooming Monthly” and “I Knit My Cat Sweaters.”

  • sceloporus

    “hillbilly heroine” refers to oxycontin, not oxycodone.

    • sceloporus

      of course I can’t even spell heroin

    • The Blemish

      Fixing now.

  • Rushbo

    Well of course he did it- just look at him, duh. … N*ggers & drugs go together like, well, n*ggers & watermellon, or n*ggers & crime, or n*ggers & stink, or n*ggers & pretty much everything else bad & nasty that happens in decent society.

    They should give an extra 20 just for touching & having the obligatory white-blond skank trash as his fuck-hole cumsponge!

    • Pelemon

      You’re an ignorant prick who makes no difference in society besides being a disturbance to humanity. Just gtfo you shut bag

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