Lady Gaga Designed Polaroid Glasses

Polaroid signed Lady Gaga on as the Creative Director of Polaroid last year in what was most likely a PR stunt. Gaga took it seriously though and set to work designing Polaroid sunglasses. When she showed Polaroid her prototype made of duct tape and old View-Master parts, they laughed and shooed her away. Eventually, Polaroid came out with a real design that they asked Gaga to give her input on which probably amounted to, “Make it huge and ostentatious.”

Anyway, Gaga debuted the shades at CES this week. They house an OLED display under each eye to show any image or video you want. Included in the glasses is a SD card and a built-in camera.

“It’s been a really long and exciting and gruelling and imaginative and inspiring process with Polaroid.

“We’ve done everything that we can to improve the instant camera – make it new, make it feel better in your hand, make it compatible with the digital era.

And GaGa admits she had her fans in mind when working on ideas for Polaroid.

She added: “I wanted to create products that I knew they would love to use – create cameras, a printer and glasses that I knew would work into their lifestyle as music fans, as concert-goers, as wild party kids.”

These glasses look like Gaga got high one night while watching Robocop. If I ever wear one of these, there’s nothing that will stop me from pretending my hand is a gun and doing “pew pew pew” noises.

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