Kim Kardashian’s Ass Was Too Fat for Her Dress

Kim Kardashian almost skipped the Grammys because her fat ass couldn’t fit into her dress. Talking to Ryan Seacrest, Kim said she took her Kaufman Franco gown to another tailor who tailored it to where her butt wouldn’t fit in. She freaked out and started whining that if she didn’t have a dress, she wouldn’t go to the Grammys. The designers, wanting the publicity, rushed to her side and redid the dress.

The moral of this story is if you’re even a D-list celebrity, all you have to do is cry hard enough and you’ll get your way. Being rich and famous is pretty much the equivalent of being a spoiled 2-year-old.

  • Mare

    What happened to the woman that claimed to be happy with her body? Oh, wait.

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