Lindsay Lohan Accused of Stealing $2,500 Necklace

Lindsay Lohan has sticky fingers and a penchant for shiny things. Put her within 10 feet of a piece of expensive anything and it’ll be gone faster than she can snort a line of coke. This happens pretty often too. In the past, she’s been rumored to help herself to wardrobes and jewelery at photo shoots.

Yesterday, reports Radar, she was accused of stealing a one-of-a-kind necklace worth $2,500 from a store in Venice Beach on January 22. Police sought a search warrant for Lindsay’s Venice Beach home because she was the primary suspect in the case. Plus, come on, it’s Lindsay Lohan. Not to mention there was video evidence of Lindsay wearing the stolen jewelery and she was photographed with it.

But, before police could execute the search warrant yesterday, a friend of Lindsay’s turned the necklace in to police. The necklace is now being held as evidence and it will be up to the DA whether or not to pursue charges.

Gee, what do you think the DA will decide? This is LA after all where celebrities are treated like demigods. They have video and photographic evidence but the worse they’ll do is pat Lindsay on the head and tell her how proud they are of her for turning it in.

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