Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ Video Debuted

Here’s Rihanna’s video for ‘S&M’. There’s a cameo by Perez Hilton so I put my fist through my monitor so excuse me if I don’t have much commentary on this.

At some point they should make a five minute music video of people just beating on that guy. I want it to be like that scene in Office Space where they take bats to the copier but in this case the copier is called Perez Hilton. By  no means am I condoning violence though. I mean, they could just use whiffle ball bats and lightly tap the guy. Whiffle ball bats filled with concrete. God, he’s annoying.

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Domina X
Domina X
13 years ago

Perez looks like he had some slave training, Wonder who did the bondage rigging on Rihanna at 2:15.

Parça Kontör
12 years ago

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