Kirstie Alley Already Practicing for ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Fame describes these as “Pudgy Kirstie Alley Practices Her ‘Dance’ Moves Outside Coffee Shop.” Swinging around a light pole like a monkey trying to get at a coconut isn’t really considered dancing which is why they put quotes around “dancing”.

Did they just bring Kirstie onto Dancing With the Stars for comic relief hoping she’d at some point, trip over her own feet causing her to stumble off to the side of the stage head first into camera and lighting equipment while the audience gasps in horror because they can only hear the loud clanking and crashing and groaning behind the curtains? Because I got news for them. That’s not going to happen. As you can plainly see, Kirstie Alley is graceful as a swan.

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10 years ago

They had to reinforce the dance floor…

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