Lindsay Lohan Denied from Oscar Party

Lindsay Lohan no longer enjoys the same level of fame she used to. That’s because she’s a screw-up that has no value to society. Consequently, this is why she was rejected from talent manager Guy Oseary’s Beverly Hills party on Sunday night. Not even Josh Brolin pleading to the doormen that she was with him worked. Letting Lindsay mingle with A-listers is an offense punishable by death.

Lohan showed up uninvited to the party around 11 p.m. with her brother Michael and her security detail. According to one insider, she was confident she would get in because Oseary is an executive at the talent management firm Untitled Entertainment, which represents her as well as Moore and Madonna.

Alas, the connection proved useless. Lohan was told she could not join the party.

To make matters worse, we hear that as she was pleading her case, Brolin rolled up and was shot down in his gallant attempt to help.

After the “True Grit” actor greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, LiLo asked Brolin if he could get her in the door.

Brolin obliged, but another source familiar with the incident tells us the party’s gatekeepers firmly held their ground.

We’re told Brolin reacted by saying, “Don’t you know who this is?”

The door people replied that yes, they did know who Lohan was – and she wasn’t coming in.

Even Brolin’s insistence that “She’s with me” fell on deaf ears. Eventually he ambled inside without her, leaving the recently rehabbed actress to proclaim, “This is so humiliating.”

Lindsay ended up heading to James Franco’s Oscars after party at the Supperclub which Franco never showed up to because he took a flight back to the East Coast. Lindsay claimed James had personally invited her which is celebrity double speak for giving the doorman a handjob and sneaking through the back.

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10 years ago

Apparently, they already had plenty of fluffers at the party.

HAHA Trailer Park
HAHA Trailer Park
10 years ago

LMAO Lindsay is P A T H E T I C! Hahhaaa whyyyy does this loser bother!? Just stamp “reject” on her wrinkly forehead.

10 years ago

“This is so humiliating.” about not getting into a party.

Humiliating compared to what, Lindsay?

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