Chris Evans Is Balding

Chris Evans talked about his hair loss at the MTV Movie Awards and how it may affect the Captain America movies he signed on for, a role which may span the next 10 years.

“I have no problem saying this, but I’m losing my hair,” he said at the MTV Movie Awards.

“The fear is this [role] can span 10 years so I can be doing this character until I’m 40,” he explained. “I’m supposed to be like this superior human. He can’t be balding…How horrible would it be if this superior man has male pattern baldness?” [E!]

I agree. How could Captain America have male pattern baldness after scientists pumped him with a secret serum that makes him taller, stronger, faster and much more handsome? Never in the history of the world has a drug that enhances the physical attributes of a person been known to have negative side effects. That would be preposterous. Now excuse me while I jab my butt with this syringe full of steroids.

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10 years ago

It smellz like howard the duck

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