Lindsay Lohan Dating the Guy from Coldplay

Remember when Lindsay Lohan stomped around the room and kicked her dollies in frustration when she was denied backstage access to the Coldplay concert at UCLA? Turns out that story may have been a plant because Lindsay may actually be dating Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman.

Lindsay Lohan has sparked rumors she’s making a play for Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman after she was spotted “following him around all weekend.” The starlet was said to be pursuing divorced Berryman at Lollapalooza in Chicago. While a rep for Lohan said, “We do not comment on her personal life,” she also relaxed with other friends at a Grey Goose after-party at The Underground until early Sunday morning.

I didn’t know following someone around constituted dating. If that’s the case, then I’ve been dating Ashley Greene for about six months now. You haven’t heard about us because I like to keep a low profile around her. Preferably behind some bushes or in her crawl space.

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