It Gets Better, Jonah Hill

The creepily thin Jonah Hill showed up on Jimmy Fallon and talked about how Glee’s Matthew Morrison bullied him at a Fox party her recently went to.

“This (publicity) woman is giving us these instructions… and no one is paying attention… and Zooey (Deschanel) starts talking to me. And I’m, like, whatever I don’t want to get in trouble or anything like that. And she keeps talking to me, and the woman goes, ‘Jonah, please be quiet while I’m talking.’

“This guy (Morrison) piggybacks this woman calling me out. I’ve never met this guy before in my entire life. He goes, ‘Yeah Jonah, can’t you stop talking for one second?’ And everyone laughed at me! I wasn’t even talking to anybody!

“So, I’ve already got in my head that I don’t like this guy. I’m sure he’s a good human being but you don’t throw a dude under the bus that’s just sitting there being quiet… He bullied me. He’s a big timer on Fox (with his show Glee), I’ve got stars in my eyes and he’s been to the dance before, I’m just some movie guy trying to make it in that world.

“Cut to a couple weeks later… and I see this guy, Matthew Morrison, and he’s talking to one of the Gossip Girl guys, Chace Crawford… I go, ‘They don’t see me, I’m gonna get some scoop, I’m gonna call this dude out, I’m gonna like bust up his conversation.’

“And I wander up behind these two guys and I’m eavesdropping and I can’t really hear what’s going on and then I hear, ‘Something, something, something… Jonah Hill.’ And then they both start laughing! And so I’m the punchline in this guy’s joke? He doesn’t even know I’m at this party. What is his deal?” — Holy Moly

To be fair, Matthew Morrison might have just been giving Jonah Hill a hard time and knew Jonah Hill was listening in on him and Chace Crawford. Although, much like Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill probably lost his sense of humor on that diet. Sure, he still cries into his pillow at night, but now it’s less funny and more depressing when you watch him do it.

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12 years ago

WTH? Jonah, man up.