Lady Gaga Has a Boyfriend

Lady Gaga’s new boytoy is the dude from the Vampire Diaries. No, not the two main characters, or the supporting ones, it’s Taylor Kinney who was on there for a season and killed off. Taylor also played her boyfriend in You and I.

‘It was just casual at first, but things are getting pretty hot and heavy.’
They have been seen together on three consecutive days, starting with drinks at seaside bar, The Sneak Joint in Mission Viejo, California, where Taylor lives, on Sunday.
A patron said they were drinking shots of Johnny Walker.
‘I couldn’t tell it was her at first,’ they said.
‘It just looked like some hot couple making out, but then I realized it was Lady Gaga. Everyone went nuts. She was so sweet too — she even signed some autographs.’
The next day the pair were spotted holding hands while walking along Mission Boulevard.
A witness said: ‘Her hair was a little messy. It definitely seemed like a morning after situation. They are obviously totally into each other.’ — Daily Mail

Because who wouldn’t want to bang a girl who dresses up as a dude and uses a prosthetic penis? Taylor Kinney, that’s who. No h**o.

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