Rihanna Needed an Emergency Bikini Wax

Disaster almost struck early Monday when Rihanna arrived in Belfast in desperate need of a bikini wax mere hours before she was to begin her video shoot for her latest single “We Found Love.” Nerves were wracked. Hairs were protruding. It was chaos!

Assistants scrambled, calling four local beauticians, none of which could be convinced to get out of bed. Finally, after scouring a web directory (Craigslist, Belfast?), they managed to get someone to wax Rihanna at 2 a.m. in the morning. I can see it now. “Hand me that Popsicle stick of wax. Hurry! We don’t have much time!” All the while the waxing assistant is wiping the waxer’s sweat away with a sponge.

“Rihanna arrived at her hotel very late and the first thing she wanted was a bikini wax.

“The video shoot was scheduled for the following morning so she didn’t have much time.

“Her assistants got on the case quickly and called some beauticians after finding a directory on the web.

“It was relief all round when they finally managed to find someone.” The Sun

Whew. I was on the edge of my seat while reading this. Would she or wouldn’t she get her wax? First world problems are so suspenseful. I was basically pulling out my pubic hairs wondering what happened next.

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10 years ago

Should have flown Ellen in..

10 years ago


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