This Is Jennifer Aniston Responding to Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston was asked about Brad Pitt’s “Jennifer Aniston is boring” remarks that he said in his Parade magazine interview. Aniston responded, “Oh, lord, it’s not even worth discussing on a night like this.”

To clarify, the question came up during the premiere of her movie Five, which includes a collection of short films about the impact of breast cancer. Anyway, she probably wouldn’t have  commented on any other night either. What she will do though is pose with boyfriend Justin Theroux in a Terry Richardson shoot.

Wow. Are you sure this is Terry Richardson? Strange. You wouldn’t know it by looking at these. It’s not shot like an American Apparel ad and I’m guessing that he never asked if he could cum on Jennifer Aniston’s breasts at any point during the shoot. What’s wrong? Is he coming down with something?

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12 years ago

Haha Jen’s making fun of Angelina’s pleco lips in that pic.  Jen looks great, she pulls hot guys, nice couple, hope they make a baby.

12 years ago

All these years later, why in the world would Brad be referencing his past marriage???  He’s got a family, a partner, and many children… He’s not even connected to Aniston. I used to really admire Pitt’s acting ability, and if he fell in love and ended his marriage – that’s his business.  It happens and it is painful for everyone involved. And, the pain of the entire situation belongs to Jen, Angie, and Brad – no one else.  There is no competition between the women – they are both beautiful – it just “is what it is” and they have… Read more »