Kim Kardashian Already Renewing Her Vows

It’s never too early to attention whore. That should be Kim Kardashian’s motto.

On Wednesday’s pre-taped episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim and Kris Humphries talked about their marriage and what they’d do differently if they had another chance. Oh and then they renewed their vows again after only a month of marriage. I suppose it’s never a bad time to remind your husband not to bang groupies on the road.

“[I’d] elope,” Kardashian confessed to DeGeneres. “I would say [have a] longer after-party, but I was so crazy for an entire month…I literally went crazy. It was so stressful,” she reasoned of planning the black and white-themed bash, attended by celeb pals Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough, Demi Lovato, Lindsay Lohan, George Lopez, Brittny Gastineau, Eva Longoria, Mario Lopez and Sugar Ray Leonard.

At the Aug. 20 ceremony, Kardashian and Humphries wrote their own vows. “Kris talked about how he loved Kim’s hustle and work ethic,” a source told Us Weekly. “They also talked about all the things they loved about one another.” Us Magazine

But… but if Kim had eloped, how would she get the cover of PEOPLE or a four hour wedding special or more attention to satiate her hunger for fame? Someone isn’t thinking this through.

Kim and Kris also talk about babies. Indirectly refuting those pregnancy rumors, Kim said it’ll probably happen in a year or so.

“I think we would wait like a year before we really start trying to have kids,” Kim says. “I think we want to figure out where he is gonna play and figure out like his career and like if we have to pack up and move somewhere, like the Midwest. Who knows?”

And Kris admits he does see lots of kids in the duo’s future, saying that fun is going to be the key to keeping the newlyweds together for a very long time.

“Lots of kids…having fun together, knowing that we can have fun and that life is fun and that we can spend time together and support each other,” he said.

Adds Kim: “Ditto.” E!

That is to say any pregnancy rumors that come out before then will just be people calling Kim fat in a nice way.

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