That Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Rumor Is Back

Life & Style can confirm that Jessica Simpson is pregnant because a source tells them “I definitely think she’s pregnant,” due to her eating a lot. Wait. The source knows who Jessica Simpson is, right? I’m not sure scarfing down food is a sign of pregnancy. Even in Hollywood.

After watching Jessica wolf down chicken-fried steak (which is 2,084 calories, according to the restaurant’s menu), a pizza and a “pizookie” (a big chocolate-chip-cookie dessert clocking in at 887 calories) at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Century City, the onlooker admits she could draw only one conclusion.

“She ordered a ton of food. She has to be pregnant,” said the onlooker, adding, “She didn’t have any alcohol to drink, either. There looked to be a cocktail on the table, but I didn’t see her drink it. She was sipping a Perrier and nibbling off her fiancĂ©’s plate — the cocktail was obviously Eric’s.” Life & Style

If Jessica isn’t really pregnant, she must love being fake pregnant. “I can eat whatever I want because people think I’m eating for two!,” she says failing to realize the flaw in her logic. Eric probably rocks back and forth in a corner and cries when Jessica demands he satisfy her fake pregnancy cravings.

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12 years ago

Aside from the Olsen farts she is just another grossly rich moron who definitely bites her Toe Nails