Jennifer Aniston Pulls Topless Scene from ‘Wanderlust’

When Jennifer Aniston isn’t being so boring or talking about how she’s totally over Brad Pitt, she’s pulling topless scenes from movies. To be fair, it was out of consideration for Wanderlust co-star and boyfriend Justin Theroux. God, that guy is such a cockblocker.

The former “Friends” star demanded that the topless scene from the Judd Apatow-produced film, which hits theaters Feb. 24, be replaced with a tamer version, an individual with knowledge of the movie told TheWrap.

A spokeswoman for Universal, which is releasing the movie, said: “The scene was shot a bunch of different ways, and we have the best possible version.”

Aniston’s publicist, Stephen Huvane, denies that the scene was altered at the actress’ behest. “The scene is how it was always supposed to be,” Huvane told TheWrap. The Wrap

Publicist double speak is always fun to read. You can’t outright call them a liar because the way they put those words together opens the whole thing up to interpretation. Apparently it takes a lot of talent to be that obtuse.

The scene in question features Aniston going topless in front of TV news cameras. In the version that will be included in the film, Aniston will be seen topless from behind, with her bare breasts shown pixelated on TV screens, as they would appear on a TV news broadcast.

But the movie insider who spoke to TheWrap said that when the film was edited with the frontal nudity in it, Aniston pleaded for an alternate version due to her blossoming relationship with Theroux, whom she met on the set of the film. (The two are now cohabitating.)

The 43-year-old actress, it seems, decided it just wouldn’t be right to share her naked breasts with anyone except her new beau.

Wait, so was it Aniston or Theroux who’s the cockblocker. It sounds more like a combined effort. That is to say, any time you go out with these two, never bring a condom like Zac Efron because it’s already predetermined you’re going home the same way you came. Sad and lonely.

In related news, here’s Jennifer Aniston being honored for the star she bought herself on the Walk of Fame. She must be so proud.

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