Cocaine Found in Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room

This shouldn’t surprise anyone considering cocaine was mentioned in Whitney Houston’s autopsy report but authorities have recovered remnants of cocaine from Whitney Houston’s hotel room. Official documents describe it as “white, powdery remnants” which was tested to be cocaine.

This on the heels of a new witness who contacted cops claiming one of Whitney’s aides removed evidence from the room.

As the Beverly Hills Police Department probe how Houston acquired the drugs that contributed to her death and whether they were hidden from police and first responders, prominent attorney Ronald Richards has come forward and revealed he received a sworn statement from a Dutch national.

The “material witness” reportedly had an extensive history with Raffles van Exel — a Dutch entertainment consultant — who admitted he removed items from Houston’s Beverly Hilton suite, as Celebuzz previously reported.

“I have received a properly executed affidavit from a material witness who has first hand knowledge of Raffles narcotics related activities,” Richards told Celebuzz, in a statement.

“He/She had extensive involvement with him. The witness has no motive or claim against Raffles and simply wants the BHPD to utilize him/her in any fashion they choose. I have transmitted the affidavits to a homicide Detective and I am waiting his/her response.”

Basically, from putting the pieces together, we’re finding out Whitney Houston loved to party. Wasn’t that obvious? The first thing police should have done when they arrived on scene was ask, “So… where are the drugs?”

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11 years ago

coke & weed chased with benadryl , xanex and two other hardcore RX ..if thats not excess