Simon Cowell Robbed by One-Night Stand

Simon Cowell has butt loads of cash which means some girls are going to use him for it. And one of them did just that. Cowell met a girl at Drai’s in Hollywood and ended up sneaking her past hotel staff into his room.

When Simon woke up next morning, he found out the woman left and took with her as parting gifts: money from his wallet and his computer which contained Factor documents.

Too bad the woman forgot about that thing they call cameras. With the help of police and hotel security footage, his team tracked the woman down who eventually returned the computer, but not the cash. I guess Simon considered that her consolation prize. Sort of like how Derek Jeter gives signed baseballs to the girls he bangs.

This comes on the heels of a book published by Tom Bower who accused Simon of having an affair with X Factor¬†judge Danii Minogue. After news of the affair broke, Sharon Osbourne said it “wasn’t a secret” and that he was seeing two other women during his engagement to Mezghan Hussainy.

So what we’ve learned today is… um, being filthy rich is awesome? Honestly, if he wasn’t rich, he would have A) failed miserably trying to hook up with that girl and B) been laughed at by police when he explained how the hooker he hired stole his laptop.

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