Hideous Jessica Alba Learns to Accept Herself

In her latest iVillage blog, Jessica Alba explains that she’s finally come to terms with her disgusting body.

Before becoming a mother of two, Alba “couldn’t even say the word ‘sexy’ to describe [herself] without feeling funny and awkward.” Nevermind all those covers she was on and those top 100 lists she was in and the notes I sent her that read, “You’re hot, look out your window.” Alba was still “super-critical” of her looks and worried about the inevitable changes to her body. That’s all changed now after two babies have ravaged her. Go figure.

But becoming a mom has definitely made me feel more confident and secure than I ever did in my 20s. Even though I can’t ever get down to my pre-baby weight before having Honor, my jeans don’t zip up the same way, and things just hang differently (all moms know how that goes!), I feel completely comfortable in my skin and my idea of perfection has changed. I don’t really care about my body image anymore because it just doesn’t matter now that I have children. Instead, I focus on my health, feeling strong, and making sure I’m up and running so I can spend that all-important time with the girls.

Having babies also helped me embrace my sexuality. Up until then, I was quite shy about it. But once I experienced how incredible and amazing it was to create a life, it was empowering. Now, I feel freer to express myself and just be me. Through motherhood I really came into my own and, for me, feeling sexy is all about this type of comfort, confidence, and true happiness.

Ugh, I can tell Jessica doesn’t care about body image anymore. Just look at this ugly turd. She’s probably ballooned up to a size 1 now. Geez, lose some weight, fatty.

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Techno yeS
Techno yeS
12 years ago

omg her baby is adorable.