Jessica Alba’s Social Media Has Been Hacked… Again

A few days ago I suggested that Jessica Alba’s Twitter password was “password1” after it was hacked, but I think I was giving her too much credit. She got hacked again. No, seriously, her Instagram got hacked just a few days after her Twitter.

Alba had just posted this about the Twitter hack.

Here’s a video of some of the posts the hacker made.

He basically just talked about rappers, mentioned the liked The Fantastic Four (probably the only person who did) and asked for some money. He also said Nazi Germany was innocent, which I want to assume is just being provocative but you never know, there are so many actual Nazis out these days.

See, this is in stark contrast to Taryn Manning’s recent “hack” which, let’s be real, was almost certainly not a hack. It’s pretty likely Jessica Alba doesn’t like Nazis  and isn’t asking herself for 1% of her net worth. While Taryn Manning could credibly attack her management team over her treatment. Especially when you consider how Orange is the New Black ending means Manning will have to go back to waiting tables at Fuddruckers or whatever because the acting gigs probably aren’t lining themselves up. The best she can really hope for is a career like that woman who played Angela on The Office, where occasionally you’ll be watching a TV show and say “Isn’t that Angela from The Office?” only without the part where people recognize her.

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