Jessica Alba Enjoys the Beach While Her Company Gets Sued

Mega-rich CEO Jessica Alba donned her bikini and frolicked in the waters of Maui. All paid for by alleged deceptive practices at The Honest Company, her supposedly non-toxic household products company.

Alba’s company promises non-toxic, eco-friendly products like diapers, wipes and cleaning products. Yet, they lie. Allegedly. From Inc.:

A Wall Street Journal investigation last week found that Honest’s laundry detergent contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a chemical common in mainstream soaps that Honest promised never to use.

Later, “the Journal reported that Honest’s manufacturer no longer claims its products are free of SLS.”

That was enough to trigger a class action lawsuit last week. Illinois resident Staci Seed filed a complaint accusing the company of “misleading [consumers] in the extreme.”

Her company’s defense sounds like they’ll cross their arms and point in both directions.

Dale Giali, a partner with Mayer Brown who has defended multinational corporations in consumer product litigation cases, told Inc. last week that he expected class-action attorneys to use the Journal‘s investigation as fodder for more suits.

“There is no question that Honest Company will point the finger at suppliers and say that they relied on certifications and validations from suppliers and they will likely make a formal claim against them,” Giali says.

I’m gonna laugh when they pull out empty bottles of Tide and Clorox from Alba’s trash.

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