Leslie Jones Honestly Just Wanted Diaper Cakes from Jessica Alba

Leslie Jones is an honest person. It’s about the only character she’s good at playing on Saturday Night Live.

So when she sees a company called Honest, being dishonest, she’s going to call them bitches out.

The SNL actress was in the market for some diaper cakes and wanted to get them from Jessica Alba’s Honest company. She ordered them for next day shipping, but because the cakes are handmade and take 1-3 days to process, they can’t arrive the next day.

Leslie was not feeling this response.

Alba tried to intervene.

But Jones wasn’t having that either.

What the hell is a diaper cake anyway?

This will make for a semi-funny SNL sketch next season. As long as it gets Jessica Alba back on television for a couple of minutes, it’ll be worth sitting through Jones forgetting her lines.

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Nate Fanfare
Nate Fanfare
5 years ago

Woooow … shading Leslie Jones. Bet she’ll cry herself to sleep because some never-was dissed her on some stale TMZ wannabe site.