Mena Suvari’s Boyfriend Seems Optmistic

Mena Suvari is divorcing Simone Sestito which means we get to listen to Simone’s excuses as to why he should get the $17,000/month in spousal support he’s asking for.

In recently filed court docs, Sestito says he has “negative balances” on all his personal and business accounts and has to pay his bills with credit cards and loans from his parents. I fail to see how his terrible money management skill is Mena Suvari’s problem, but do go on.

Sestito claims he’s now used to eating out “almost everyday at high end restaurants” making his monthly food expenses $3,000/month. Which makes perfect sense because that $30 burger tastes way different than the $8 one. The ground baby panda bones give it a sort of kick.

Suvari’s ex wants $17,151/month in spousal support and $10k to pay off his attorney. Which means he wants Mena to pay for his lawyer who’s trying to squeeze money out of her. While he’s at it, why not ask Mena to punch herself in the face too.

Mena’s lawyer, Mark Gross, laughed for 10 minutes and told TMZ, “it is unfortunate that Simone has chosen the spotlight of litigation over the privacy of mediation.”

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