Lindsay Lohan Apprehensive About Doing Full Frontal

A couple days ago it was announced that Lindsay Lohan would be starring opposite porn star James Deen in Bret Easton Ellis’ The Canyons. However, a source says Lindsay hasn’t officially signed the contract citing a concern about the nudity involved.

“Lindsay and her team are concerned about the nudity that is involved. Lindsay would be required to do full frontal nudity, and the sex scenes are very, very graphic. Yes, Lindsay has posed nude for Playboy, but doing it in a movie is completely different. Lindsay needs to make sure that she is comfortable with it, and that this is something she can handle as an artist. It’s expected that Lindsay will sign the contract in the next two weeks, as filming begins at the beginning of July. Lindsay has admired Bret’s work for a very long time, and one of her favorite movies is Less Than Zero,” the source added. Radar

This is a girl who did full frontal for New York Magazine, posed for Playboy and flashed her vagina on a boat. Now is not the time to be demure. Especially when bills are piling up, she has to drive a rented Porsche, which she just crashed, and her mom Dina keeps calling and shouting in her ear, “Show me the money!”

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