Katie Holmes Will Get Nothing from Prenup

Sources close to Katie Holmes tell TMZ that due to her ironclad prenup, she will get close to nothing in her divorce from Tom Cruise. Sources called the $15-20M payout reports “absurd” and that Katie will more than likely walk away with what she brought into the marriage. Nothing more, nothing less. “She’s not about the money. She’s not that girl. She loves to work.”

Granted, Katie is asking for primary custody of Suri and wants child support which can still mean she could get at least 5 figures a month.

There’s also the fact that Katie can challenge the prenup but sources insist, “Money is not that important to her. She makes plenty on her own.”

In related news, she seems to have a good shot at getting what she wants because there’s not a lot of dirt Scientology has on her to make her look bad. When Katie was first audited by the Church, she followed her dad’s advice and was careful about what she said during the sessions. “Look, Katie led a very ordinary and honest life before she met Tom and tried to continue to do so during the time she was with him. Katie is level headed and extremely smart. She was never completely committed to Scientology, but she participated because she truly was in love with Tom and she knew it meant a lot to him. Her heart just wasn’t in it though, she was always guarded and careful during the auditing sessions with what she revealed.”

The Church is probably using her audits right now to draft a bunch of press releases to discredit Katie. “Did you know in 1999 the police once showed up to her house and asked her to turn down the music?,” says one report. “Is this all you have?!,” David Miscavige probably shouted before throwing an e-meter at the guy’s head.

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10 years ago

I’m sure she just wanted to get the hell away from that crazy ass – money or no money.

calgary sympathizer
calgary sympathizer
10 years ago

It must be good to just “breath” in some fresh air. A price cannot be put on that freedom. Go Katie!! Protect your daughter.

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