Megan Fox Posts Childhood Pictures of Herself

I was originally going to title this post “I’d Do 12-Year-Old Megan Fox” but I didn’t want Chris Hansen knocking at my door again.

Last Friday, Megan Fox posted a few pictures of her 12-year-old self on her Facebook page in an effort to show she was as awkward as any other 12-year-old. She wrote, “Say hello to my 12 year old self. I encourage you to admire my citrus/copper colored highlights (thanks Sun-in!) my braces, and my ever present sunburn. And yeah I’m brushing my eyebrows with a toothbrush in that one picture…”

I don’t care how awkward Megan Fox thinks she was. If I was 12 and I saw her, I’d think she was some sort of model. Brushing her eyebrows with a toothbrush? Whatever. She could brush her hair with a comb made from the teeth of the homeless people she tortured and killed for all I care.

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11 years ago

Damn has that girl fucked with her face! She was BEAUTIFUL with all those freckles, her lips and teeth are perfectly proportional to her face, skin tone is healthy looking and her nose – adorable. Megan Fox is an idiot, people would have liked her so much more if she had been true to herself – and to us. She’s had work done, teeth, lips, nose, skin and eyebrows. I she denies it again when asked (because people will ) then she really does deserve a good shun from all hollywood. You can’t lie to people like that and think… Read more »

11 years ago

such a beautiful girl. i would cry whenever i look at my old pics if i were her

11 years ago

Lukn cute..n ur early dys..!!