Producer Says There’s No Way Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders Could Have Had Sex

Italian producer Giovanni Agnelli who directed Kristen Stewart’s Welcome to the Rileys has come to Kristen’s defense saying there’s no way she and Rupert Sanders could have had sex. In a deleted tweet, he wrote, “I’ll say right now what the manipulative media isn’t saying … Kristen Stewart did not have any type of sex with Rupert Sanders.” That was probably before he realized Stewart practically admitted she did but it would have been nice to know why he thought there was no way. Did he have insider information? Can Rupert Sanders not get it up? You heard it here first. Rupert Sanders can’t get it up claims Giovanni Agnelli. Am I doing this right, Hollywood Life?

In a series of other tweets, Giovanni lashes out at Hollywood Life writing, “The spin that keeps growing on this story is staggering. There was NO on-set affair. Stop printing LIES.”

Granted, this contradicts claims by Liberty Ross’ brother, Leopold, that the affair started during the production of Snow White last year. This Giovanni guy must be two days behind current gossip and now he’s angrily tweeting while he’s catching up on Us and PEOPLE.

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They banged multiple x's
They banged multiple x's
11 years ago

Why admit a non affair?