Lady Gaga Sees Dead Animals as Art

PETA recently criticized Lady Gaga for wearing fur and now she’s finally responded in the most roundabout way possible. She says she’s all for animal rights and stays away from skinned fur but if she sees a faaaabulous fur coat, all bets are off.

To the fans. i want you to know that I care deeply about your feelings and views, and I will always support your philosophies about life. We’ve been having over-arching conversations about society, equality, and politics for the past five years, and we should continue. I do not however support violent, abusive, and childish campaigns for ANY CAUSE. Particularly one that I respect. “Animal Rights.” I am choosing not to comment on whether or not the furs I purchase are faux fur-pile or real because I would think it hypercritical not to acknowledge the python, ostrich, cow hide, leather, lamb, alligator, “kermit” and not to mention meat, that I have already worn.

Mostly because she has no idea what her outfits are made from. Could be a dead hobo for all she knows.

This should already put me in a category as one who appreciates and adores the beauty of animals in fashion, but am not a strict vegan.

Doesn’t that mean you’re not a vegan at all? There’s no such thing as a vegan who eats meat once in a while.

I have truly always stayed away from skinned fur, especially i have never been able to afford a nice one, but this does not mean my morals are rigid and that I won’t bend at the sight of an absolute art piece of a coat. I have no chains about this. You see a carcass, I see a museum pièce de résistance. But I am truly sorry to fans who are upset by this, its a fair and applaudable feeling about the health and safety of animals. I respect your views, please respect mine.

Where other people see death, she sees a pièce de résistance. In other words, the more shocking something is, the less she cares about how it was made.

Not that that’s a bad thing. She can do whatever she wants but she didn’t need to spend a whole paragraph just to tell PETA to STFU.

In other news, Lady Gaga arrived in Romania where a photog knelt down to try and get pictures up her skirt. Her bodyguard snatched the camera and took it inside. What were you thinking, guy? Did you want to go blind?!

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