Lindsay’s Dad Is Dead to Her

I’ve lost count how many times Lindsay Lohan has said her dad Michael is dead to her. This may be the 11th. Anyway, after Michael Lohan sold that recording of Lindsay fighting with her mom in a limo to TMZ, Lindsay called in and said her dad was dead to her. She then added that her mom wasn’t on cocaine. “I told my dad a really hurtful and untruthful lie about my mom. She was not on cocaine.” Lindsay added that Michael “doesn’t know what it means to be a father. He doesn’t want to be a dad.”

She also tried to do damage control saying daughters fight with their moms all the time. It’s normal. Which is true. Though usually daughters aren’t riding in limos with their mothers coming home from a club at 4 am where they partied together and they don’t call their dad saying how their mom looks like she’s on cocaine nor do four police cars show up for a domestic disturbance call. …I think.

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