Lindsay Drinks Two Liters of Vodka Per Day

Lindsay Lohan has turned back to alcohol because she’s been so stressed about her financial situation and impending probation violation. This according to a source who says she’s drinking two liters of Vodka per day.

She’ll start in the morning with a nice Vodka cereal and continue throughout the day with buttered Vodka toast and a nice steak Vodka dinner. When she was arrested Thursday morning, she had been drinking all day and by night time, she was a sloppy mess. They say friends have given up trying to help because she’s an angry drunk.

Sounds about right except for the two liters part. Two liters? I can barely get through half a liter before my liver starts to revolt. She’s like the Robocop of Vodka. Instead of her retina flashing “target acquired” for bad guys, it flashes when she sees a bottle of Grey Goose.

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