Lindsay Showed Up to the ‘Liz & Dick’ Premiere

Even though Lindsay Lohan’s probation might soon be revoked, she seemed in pretty high spirits at the Liz & Dick premiere at the Beverly Hills Hotel last night. Though why wouldn’t she be. This is the biggest project she’s worked on in years where she’s the lead. Sure there was Labor Pains in 2009 and I Know Who Killed Me in 2007 but those were terrible, awful movies that should have been aborted. This one could end up with similar reviews but it’s a Lifetime movie and is to be expected.

In related news, Lindsay taped the Tonight Show the other night and told Leno why she pulled out of the Barbara Walters interview. She was as vague as possible. “It’s just, the timing wasn’t right, right now. I love her, and I’m a big fan of Barbara Walters. I met her when I was very young, and when it’s right, she knows she’ll be the first person I sit down with.” The timing being the premiere of her new movie on Sunday, her upcoming court hearing and not wanting to screw her life up more by trying to answer tough questions. Her brain don’t work so good.

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