Happy Whatever You Celebrate

If you’re wondering why there weren’t a lot of posts today, it’s because it’s Christmas Eve and I’m waiting with a bat by my chimney for Santa Claus to come. He’s gonna be real sorry for giving me that tie last year. Doesn’t he know red isn’t my color?!

Anyway, I may be in and out and posting sporadically over the next week until after NYE. Until whenever, here are a few galleries you may have missed.

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9 years ago

I love Barbados, such an amazing place. I spent 10days there and made some local fdienrs and had a blast. As far as racism goes, the white american tourists who think they can order everyone around like servants are more the racist ones (i can say that do to the fact i am a white american). Everything is in island time haha 1 american minute is equal to like 30 barbados minutes, so don’t expect anything to get done too hastily. Its so beautiful there, a piece of my heart is there.

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