Lindsay Lohan Was Framed

The other day a story came out that Lindsay Lohan wrecked her Scary Movie 5 trailer by clogging the toilets. Presumably from a massive turd. At the time, I thought it was a metaphor for her past few projects but, no, they really were saying she clogged all the toilets on set.

Now Lindsay is setting the record straight saying that’s not what happened. Her story was she was late to the set because of her walking pneumonia (haha, no really) and that when she arrived, the trailer was already a mess. The shower and toilet weren’t working and she had to do her business in the adjacent trailers. Her poops are demure, dammit.

She says only after the shoot did they blame her for wrecking all the plumbing. They told her they were going to dock her pay to cover the costs. A few back and forths later, she gave in and let them have the tens of thousands needed to fix the plumbing.

So you see, she’s the innocent victim in all of this just like always. Why is everyone out to get her?!

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8 years ago

She has epic turds.

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