Megan Fox Describes Giving Birth

Megan Fox describing her birthing process will be the closest we’ll ever get to Megan Fox describing her vagina and you know what? That’s good enough for me. Megan spoke to Access Hollywood about it saying,

I was screaming for an epidural when [husband Brian Austin Green] was driving me to the hospital because my water broke on its own and I was immediately — it was level orange alert pain. It was so intense. And I thought I was gonna be really tough and make it, I was gonna labor to like 8 cm… but the first contraction that I got was horrific!

It’s exhausting, but it’s amazing and you can’t, until you have kids, you can’t imagine how much you could possibly love a human being. It’s really intense and really overwhelming and amazing. He’s super cute.

Oh, man. I totally know what she’s talking about. Like this one time, I got really drunk and ate two whole California burritos lathered in hot sauce. My butthole must have dilated to 8cm the next day. Exactly like giving birth, right? I mean, I even cried afterward too.

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