Man Injected Butts With Silicon, Sealed With Krazy Glue

Calvin Edward Butler is being accused of renting a room at a motel in West Palm Beach where he injected at least two butts with silicone and sealed it with Krazy Glue. His “patients” were admitted to local hospitals with severe infection, pain, bleeding, oozing wounds and disfigurement.

The female victim told detectives that she met with Butler at his room at the El Patio Motel where she received four silicone injections to both buttocks in September and October of 2012, and was charged $200 per injection section.

She describes the procedure, explaining that Butler used a felt tip pen to mark areas on her buttocks and then poured out a clear liquid from a Pedialyte bottle into a plastic cup, filling the syringe from the cup and injecting the liquid into her buttocks. Once the injections were completed, Butler would clean the blood from the skin and apply ‘Krazy Glue’ to the incisions.

Though one question remains. How did their butts look? Fabulous?

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