Kim Kardashian’s Stylist Did This

You were probably wondering why Kim Kardashian dressed in a sheer top yesterday. “Isn’t she worried that the outfit would look unflattering on her because of the pregnancy?,” you probably didn’t ask yourself.

Well, not to worry. Fashion designer Nicola Formichetti has been dressing her. He sounds like a man who knows what he’s doing.

“[Kim] Already she has a different body type than models,” he told us at the Top of the Standard on Tuesday night at the launch of an exclusive Muglerette handbag line he created for “I think it’s sexy when the girls have the big ass and the voluminous body. It’s much sexier than skinny girls who are in tight clothes.” Page Six

Well that’s brutal honesty for you. “Girl, those skinny chicks with their fit bodies in tight clothes have nothing on your fatass.” *Three snaps in a z-formation* This guy is a master of backhanded compliments.

  • Mare

    What happened to the woman that claimed to be happy with her body? Oh, wait.

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