Lindsay Lohan Lost Her Lawsuit Against Pitbull

I didn’t know this was really happening, but a while back, Lindsay Lohan decided to sue Pitbull over a lyric he used in Give Me Everything that went, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.”

Since Lindsay is broke, she tried to grasp at as many straws as she could to “earn” some money. This time it was suing Pitbull for unauthorized use of her name. In a song. An artistic work protected by the 1st amendment.

Lindsay argued that since Pitbull didn’t get her permission to use her name, he had no right to profit from it. The New York federal judge that ruled over the case just laughed hysterically and sided with Pitbull.

He stated the obvious, that Lindsay had no clue about the law and that the song definitely is protected under the 1st amendment. Also, Lindsay is barely even mentioned in it. On the claims that Lindsay suffered emotional distress from the song? More laughter.

Yikes, you know things are really bad when people are rooting for Pitbull instead of you. It’s like rooting for Madonna over a kid with down’s. Which I think is a pretty apt analogy in this case.

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