Lindsay Lohan Ditched Rehab

Lindsay Lohan decided to do a last minute rehab change to Morningside Recovery in Newport so she could smoke and she managed to get away with it temporarily but leave it to Lindsay to screw everything up.

The day didn’t get off to a good start. Besides the last minute facility change, Mark Heller told the judge that Lindsay had already checked into rehab this morning but the fact is, she was wandering Fry’s Electronics in Fountain Valley at 9 AM.

When she finally did make it to Morningside, she walked in for two minutes and walked straight out. A source said she was spooked by the paparazzi and was saying, “I’m not going to rehab. I’m not going to rehab. Take me back to the airport.” Reports say she’s headed to LAX to take a flight to New York.

Prosecutors obviously have no idea what’s going on and Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White said he won’t stand for it. “If there’s credible confirmation she’s heading back to New York, then I’m going to have to go in and ask the court to issue a warrant,” White said.

Hey, look, Lindsay is being an entitled celebrity who thinks she can get away with anything she wants because she’s moderately famous. Did anyone expect anything different? They should just go with my suggestion of putting a shock collar around her neck and link it to an invisible fence. Also, stream it over the web. It’ll be like that puppy cam but better.

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8 years ago

Does this surprise anyone?

8 years ago

I personally won’t be satisfied until I read her obit on here.

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