Here are Those Topless Kate Upton Photos You’ve Been Looking For

Remember that video TMZ had up for a couple days of a topless but censored Kate Upton on a horse doing a photo shoot? Well, good news. There are some very smart and/or crafty perverts out there. More so than me. They’ve managed to find the uncensored version of the video. How? I have no clue. I’m guessing it was a virgin sacrifice at the alter of Ganesha or something.

Grain of salt time. This could be a really fantastic digital boob job. In any case, check out the HQ photo here along with a gif here. Smaller photos here and here. Hopefully I don’t have to mention these are very NSFW. So, if you’re fired… still totally worth it.

Thanks for sending in the tip kind stranger and thankfully, just the tip. Giggity.

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