Haha, Lindsay Lohan

As I mentioned, Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 27th birthday yesterday but it wasn’t the kind of celebration she was used to where she would go to a club, get wasted and get arrested for coke and be on gossip sites the next day. It was more of a stay in rehab and eat cake with her lawyer because that’s the only person who could visit her kind of celebration. It was also a tweet at HuffPo to remind them she still exists kind of day.

TMZ reports that Cliffside rehab denied Lindsay’s request to have her friends visit her on her birthday yesterday. They also denied her request to be let out for dinner with friends.

However, a legal loophole allowed her lawyer Shawn Holley to visit her. Which she did. She even had an ice cream birthday cake donated by Carvel which Lindsay ended up sharing with other patients.

Best birthday ever? Yes, best birthday ever. On the bright side, at least she wasn’t singing happy birthday to herself while choking back sobs. Haha, that’d be like turning 16 all over again, amirite?

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