Rihanna Kicked Out of a Mosque Even After Covering Up

Rihanna performed in Abu Dhabi on Saturday but before that, she decided to take a few modeling shots in front of the Grand Mosque. Despite wearing a full body black jump suit, staff asked her to leave as they believed she was disrespecting the site. According to a statement, Rihanna was in an area off limits for visitors and she was violating the “status and sanctity of the mosque.”

All that may be true, but have you ever seen what Rihanna normally wears? Have you seen her latest music video? They should be glad she wasn’t braless in a mesh shirt twerking up and down the sides of the mosque. I think this is the most covered up Rihanna has been in the past 3 years.

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10 years ago

She was using a holy place for a stupid impromptu publicity shoot. Can’t blame them for being offended.