DJ Paris Hilton Signed a Residency With Harrah’s

Paris Hilton has capitalized on and bled dry pretty much every trend throughout her “career.” The latest trend she’s decided to leech onto is EDM. While she announced that she was going to be a DJ only last year, she’s already nabbed a residency in Ibiza last summer and now one at Harrah’s in Atlantic City.

Reports say Paris will play a four-gig residency at The Pool in a deal worth a reported $100,000K per appearance. She must take a golden dump on stage during her show because there’s no way she’s worth that alone.

What’s even dumber is that all she does is pop in pre-recorded music that other people produce and press play. It just goes to show, as long as you’re a semi-attractive rich girl willing to inhale a penis, the world is your oyster. What an inspiration.

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